Thank you for your interest in enrolling your children in our fencing classes. Our Fall season will start on September 6.

We offer different levels of classes based on the interest, experience and goals of each student: recreational classes, beginner’s, intermediate and competitive classes.

Recreational Classes have one group session per week class and Saturday open bouting/sparring. $150 per month.

Beginners Classes, with the intention of advancing to Intermediate Classes are: Two group sessions per week with Saturday open bouting/sparring. $250 per month

Intermediate Classes, with intention of advancing to competitive level: Two group Session per week with one 30 minute Private lesson, Saturday Open bouting/sparring $300 per month

Competitive Fencers, at invitation of the Head Coach: Three group sessions per week with two 25 minute private lessons, Sparring, with advanced level fencers only, Saturday. $450 per month

Group Class schedules:
4:00pm to 5:30pm – Monday to Friday
5:30pm to 7:00pm – Monday to Friday
7:00pm to 8:30pm – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

12:00pm to 2:00pm –  Saturday

Private lessons will be scheduled around these times and at times convenient to you and the coach.

We recommend that you purchase a glove for your child. We can provide the rest of the equipment (masks, lames, blades, body cords) until you are ready to purchase equipment for your child.

Each student must also be a member of the US Fencing Association

We suggest “Access Level” membership ($25/year) until your child is ready to compete at regional or national events. Then the “Competitive” membership must be obtained in order to register for these events.

For any questions, please contact us at (415) 812-0978

We are excited that you will be joining us and looking forward to a fun, exciting season of fencing!

San Francisco Sabre Fencing
Karen Lum, Owner
Coach Tomasz

Registration Information:

Please click here to access our registration form and photo release form. Please fill them out and send the forms back to

You can also register online by clicking the link and filling out the form below.


This program is for advanced level fencers who aspire to become fencing masters. Becoming a master of Sabre takes years of practice, perseverance, dedication, and hard work. This program emphasizes constant bouting between its members, private lessons with coaches, and frequent participation in tournaments. Program members fence against coaches regularly and participate in drills focused on perfecting their Sabre form.

Sign up to begin your master training.


Every Saturday, fencers are encouraged to come and practice with each other and with coaches in 2 hours of free fencing. This kind of practice, nick-named “Fight Club,” is a place for fencers to practice the skills they have been learning in real-time, on-the-strip bouting. Open Sparring is included in club membership, and participation is encouraged.


Have you ever wanted to try fencing, but never got around to it? Good news! We offer parties for people of all ages. Do you want to fence for your birthday? Are your children interested in sword-fighting? Did you want to take your co-workers out to a night of sword-fighting fun? We got you covered. Events will include a verbal introduction to Sabre fencing, a group lesson with a coach involving basic footwork and blade-work, access to clean equipment, and free, real-time fencing at the end. Contact us to book a party or event.