FAQ 2023


Fencing builds leg strength and endurance, improves posture, and promotes cardio-vascular conditioning. The Olympic sport of fencing, also knows known as a “physical game of chess,” provides a well-rounded form of mental and physical exercise essential for total health and wellness.

LJFA welcomes fencers of all ages. We have classes and groups for everyone.

  • Endurance & Agility: To score, you must be faster than your opponent!
  • Tactics and strategy: You will learn how to outsmart your opponent in order to score the touch.
  • Honor: You will learn how to be gracious when you win, and how to be positive after a defeat.
  • Confidence: The more you win, the more confident you become on and off the strip.
  • Fun: Fencing (and your opponents) never stops challenging you, so you will gain more satisfaction with each skill mastered and every touch scored.

YES! There are many meaningful recruitment and scholarship opportunities for fencing. It also looks good on a college application.

Students should wear shorts, sweatpants or leggings (no jeans), sneakers with shoe laces; and a t-shirt. For beginners, all fencing equipment can be borrowed from our club for no charge for three months.

Please refer to our classes/schedule page to pick the right class for you. Afterwards, you can register for classes online on our Online Registration and Payment Section. You can also contact us by email or phone or visit our location, where we can personally discuss what the right class is for you.

Basic equipment is available for students to use. However, students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment once they have developed an interest in the sport. Please contact our sister company Alliance Fencing Equipment (www.alliancefencingequipment.com) to discuss equipment options available. Members of SFsabreschool receive special member discounts.